"The most important message in my classes is to share the personal potential of connecting to your own practice. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but the exploration of your own body through the direction of breath and personal alignment. The tools you will develop on the mat to tap into consciousness, patience, consideration, and honesty, will empower you to put these into practice day-to-day, helping enrich your life in all directions." ~ Katrina 

Katrina Thomson – Adventure Yogini

Katrina’s earliest memories are saturated in the colors and textures
of camping in the Australian outback, hiking with leeches on her
ankles, learning to swim in rivers and battling the waves of the
ocean. She remembers being mesmerized by blue-tongued
lizards, and the way the light created rainbows in the dew of
spider webs. She roamed freely, causing mischief, and
purposefully getting lost.


This ancient red earth island, with all its
bounty and boldness, activates Katrina each time she connects
to the elements and in her heart, she knows she is truly blessed. This
is where she feels most alive. This where she is her authentic self.
This deep connection to the land is the inspiration behind Katrina’s
yoga sharings. Horizon Yoga is the studio she started and still runs
today in a surf club overlooking the Indian Ocean. There she
shares the importance of balancing positive ions, by rebalancing
with negative ion ocean air, through yoga and pranayama.

Katrina’s guided group Yoga Adventures
have included trekking the Camino del Norte in Spain, adventuring
deep into Karijini National Park in the Pilbara of North Western
Australia, and exploring the spiritual lands of Northern India.

Katrina’s mission is to help reconnect you to your true, authentic,
empowered self through yoga, meditation, earth energy, and
activation adventures.



Byron Bay Align+Flow streaming April 13
Karijini Meditation streaming April 13
Mountain Align+Flow streaming April 13
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