Meet our incredible yoga teachers, who are truly passionate about improving your wellbeing and enriching your life in all directions. 




Katrina Thomson


Slow Flow, Vinyasa Yoga

and Meditation.

The most important message in my classes is to share the personal potential of connecting your own practice. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but the exploration of your own body through the direction of breath and personal alignment. The tools you will develop on the mat to tap into consciousness, patience, consideration, and honestly, will empower you to put these into practice day-to-day, helping enrich your life in all directions.   


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Slow Flow and Vinyasa Yoga

My intention is to help students to get out of their heads and into their bodies. My classes approach movement, breath and stretches from a place of curiosity and fun, with the overall aim of getting to know ourselves better. It is a privilege and a pleasure to help others on their own journey with yoga, whether their goals are physical, mental or spiritual in nature.




Slow Flow and Vinyasa Yoga

My intention is to create a safe and nurturing yoga experience, by finding and using the breath to arrive into the physical body and into the present moment; with the invitation to shift your awareness from the outside world to your inner landscape to reach and connect deeper with your soul.




Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is about journeying inwards to explore your inner landscape and tap into your body's wisdom and teachings. My aim is to leads students through a balanced, breath-led journey to find space, stillness and encourage self enquiry on the yoga mat. I believe yoga is an elevating and accessible experience that benefits all.



Slow Flow and Vinyasa Yoga

My Vinyasa Flow classes are devoted to creating a sacred space in which you can channel energy towards transformative and life affirming means. This is done through intention, dedication, prayer, conscious breath, sound and movements that reflect radical self care in the truth of the moment. With over 20 years of practice and devotion to the healing arts Ive realised the most important element of the practice is a reverence for the mystery of life and stepping into the unknown with openness and grace. 




Vinyasa and Empowered Vinyasa

My intention is to offer a transformative and deeply nourishing yoga practice. Create a safe space, when you connect with your body and your breath to drop within and experience the most profound sensation of peace. I believe that everything we have ever been searching for can be found within. We just need to re-learn how to quiet our mind and connect with our hearts again. I feel so honoured to guide you through this journey.



Spinal Flow

The ultimate aim of my class is to help students build the strongest possible relationship with their bodies. To take them on an exploration to locate any deficiencies of movement, range, strength, balance and fine-tune these in order to cultivate resilience, openness, calmness and fluidity of movement.




Yin&Yang Yoga

One of the deepest teachings that yoga can gift us is the capacity to be present in the moment and giggle with life. My offerings aim to guide people back to the space of the heart, highlighting the beauty of vulnerability, the joy of playful curiosity, and the compassion that arises from loving one's self.




Yin Yoga and Meditation

My biggest passion is giving space to others to allow them to connect deeply to their soul and to the present moment for a more fulfilling and healthy life adventure. Meditation is the ability to transcend though and be one with the moment.




Sound Healing

My intention with my yoga offering is to invite the students to find the relationship within their breath and the movement of their body, not just a physical connection. Opening an infinite capacity to expand and receive the benefits of this amazing life force or prana available for all of us if we listen and connect with an open heart while we let go and transform of the misconceptions or limiting belief of our minds and the input past codes that exist in our DNA. 



Yin and Slow Flow Yoga

My wish for you is to discover true expression in that the moment enables you to find solidarity with in self, but with such a profound wisdom surrounding that.




Yin and Vinyasa Yoga

I craft sequences focusing on increasing subtle attunement to support you to experience your ability and creativity in full measure. I'm passionate about sequencing for students of all levels and seek to respect the unique anatomy and personality of each individual student. 




Slow Flow, Yin & Yang and 

Vinyasa Yoga

The practice of yoga transcends far beyond my mat. I hope to help people become mind fit while they learn and explore through their physical practice. The time in the studio is only 1 of the 24 hours in your day that you can practice yoga. 



Slow Flow, Yin & Yang and 

Vinyasa Yoga

My purpose is to assist my clients optimising their practice in accordance to their unique potential. I really enjoy providing them with mindful tips and home-practice guidelines as well, in order to carve out optimum health routine and feel more centred and at peace beyond the mat. 


Trantic Hatha

As a yoga teacher, holistic life coach, and health and wellness expert, I'm offering revolutionary platforms to assist you on your path of awakening. My style of teaching incorporates ancient spiritual techniques with a modern context to help you embody psychological, physical and spiritual balance. 



Vinyasa Yoga

The way that I approach teaching is the way that I approach most things - with an element of play and exploration! It’s about bringing awareness to subtlety, in sensation and noticing what our relationship is with our body, as well as recognising how to use the breath as a powerful tool for evolution. 




Alexandra Horner

Originally from London, Alexandra is passionate about living the ultimate WA lifestyle. Since arriving in Australia over a decade ago, she loves to connect with people through fashion, food and health. Her positive and bubbly personality together with her infectious smile makes you want to be around her all the time. Come meet Alex at our Cottesloe studio!