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Ready to work your core and amp up your cardio as you spring into summer? Join our amazing NEW Beach Camp coach Karina Paxinos for our 3 week commitment program which runs

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

This mix of yoga, cardio intervals, core and full body strengthening, along with breath-work is entering its 10th sell-out year, and is the best way to start your day. Bookings are now open for the 6 month season

6-7AM | Monday, Wed and Fri 

Oct - Mar | Swanbourne Beach


Passes available for $180

Our December camp commences on the 29th of Nov!

Follow the link below to our timetable page, and filter the class 

with the drop down menu: "All Classes". 

You can filter the Yoga Beach Camps by month.

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Mindful Movement + Mobility takes you on an exploration 

to locate any deficiencies of movement, range, strength and balance 

to fine tune these in order to cultivate resilience, openness 

and fluidity of movement.


This 2-hour workshop, lead by physiotherapist Cam Watkins, 

combines yoga + mindfulness, the Ido Portal method, 

gymnastics strengthening and Functional Range Conditioning.

During the practice, you will be intelligently guided through exercises that connect with the intricacies of the spine

 with fluidity on top of strong, focused movements 

that will help improve joint strength, control and health.

2-4pm | Jan 22nd

Horizon Yoga | 2A Railway Street, Cottesloe


Exchange $50

Spots are limited, so make sure to book your mat!


No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Please wear comfortable, active wear and bring a water bottle and a towel with you. Bookings are essential.

Cam Watkins is a Sports Physiotherapist and mobility specialist, who has a vast majority experience dealing with elite athletes, yoga students and the general population. He has a deep passion to help people build a strong relationship with their bodies in order to create resilience and move with freedom and ease. 



Go back to basics with this 2 hour workshop focusing on the foundations of your practice.  Refine your alignment in the fundamental asanas that make up your vinyasa sequences.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis looking to hone their technique.

2-4pm | Saturday 12th March

Horizon Yoga | 2A Railway Street, Cottesloe


Exchange $50

Spots are limited, so make sure to book your mat!


Cherry has been teaching yoga full time for the past 5 years. She began her movement journey as a child gymnast and surfer. She started her 200hr teacher training and never looked back - continuing another 300+ hours with Body Mind Life in Sydney, and engaging in a 200hr Meditation TT with Charlie Knowles from Mind Body Green. She found a wonderful mentor in Mandy Kopcho, owner of Power Living, and through her tutelage became the confident teacher she is today.


Cherry teaches a strong vinyasa class, encouraging strength, conditioning, and flow, with a focus on inversions and transitional movement. Her Yin classes incorporate meditation and mindfulness for openness on both mental and physical planes.




Do you want to bring more play, pleasure, and curiosity into your life and relationships?

Come explore the five Erotic Blueprint types, as seen on the new Netflix series 'Sex, Love & Goop' (https://youtu.be/o4KO4mN2_Fs), and get curious around the superpowers and shadows of each of these blueprints.

This workshop is for anyone whether you're single, in a relationship, married, gay, straight, bi, open, poly, monogamous or anything in between. The blueprints are relevant for all backgrounds and inclusive of everyone exactly where they are.

- What a Core Erotic Blueprint is
- How to communicate your wants and needs to enhance intimacy, pleasure and vitality
- Practical tools and games to bring more fun and play into and out of the bedroom
- Discuss new perspective on how to view s3x, love and relationships

This workshop is designed to explore s3x and relationship through a lens of joy and playful curiosity, highlighting the importance of speaking one’s truth and the power of play.

The day will also include a delicious vegetarian afternoon tea.

1-5pm | Feb 12th

Horizon Yoga | 2A Railway Street, Cottesloe


Exchange $79 individual

$150 bring a buddy

Spots are limited, book your place here!


Please note: There is no physical touch or nudity in this workshop. It a space of curiosity to learn about yourself and how to enhance relationships and communication skills.

-Your Facilitator -
Dr. Jae West, PhD is the first WA certified Blueprint with Jaiya, PhD in Health Psychology and Exercise Physiology, the founder of Kundadiva (Embodied Archetypal Dance Training) and actress with The Hairy Godmothers.

She has dedicated her life to inspiring individuals to reach their highest potential through merging movement, such as dance and yoga with the mind, through her academic research (PhD in Exercise Physiology and Health Psychology) and Erotic Blueprints™ Coaching (created by Jaiya), emotions, through her poetry (The Art of Raw Desire) and the spirit, through practices of meditation and pranayama.

Her offerings ultimately guide people back to the space of the heart, highlighting the beauty of vulnerability, joy of playful curiosity, the power of speaking one's truth and the compassion that arises from loving one's self.

Terms & Conditions
Cancellations: Strictly no refunds. You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise