SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2021 



Happy Hips + Mobility takes you on an exploration 

to locate any deficiencies of movement, range, strength and balance to fine tune these in order to cultivate resilience, openness and fluidity of movement.


This 2-hour workshop, lead by physiotherapist

Cam Watkins, combines yoga + mindfulness, the Ido Portal method, gymnastics strengthening and Functional Range Conditioning. During the practice, you will be intelligently guided through exercises that connect with the intricacies of the hips with fluidity on top of strong, focused movements 

that will help improve joint strength, control and health.


Saturday July 31,  2021 | 2-4 pm

Horizon Yoga | 2A Railway St. Cottesloe

No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Please wear comfortable active wear and bring a water bottle and a towel with you.

About the facilitator:

Cam Watkins is a Sports Physiotherapist and mobility specialist, who has a vast majority experience dealing with elite athletes, yoga students and the general population. He has a deep passion to help people build a strong relationship with their bodies in order 

to create resilience and move with freedom and ease. 

Exchange: $50

The spots are limited so make sure to book your mat!

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